In 2021 National Universities AI Challenge, Tianjin University’s Spring and Autumn Corps won a prize

Recently, the winners of the "Future Cup" University AI Challenge Finals announced that the entry of the intelligent and calculating Spring and Autumn Period of the Spring and Autonomous War team "Based on the Based Cultural Language Comprehension Basement Better and Data Set", the Basement Base and Data Set "is awarded. The team consists of two graduate students such as Jiji, Shen Yuxin and Sun Yining, Rainfield, Wu Fanliang and other three undergraduate students, and instructed teachers as Professor Wang Xin, Intelligent and Computational Department. Due to the cause of the epidemic, the final defense, technical exchanges and the award ceremonies were held online.

In this competition, the Spring and Autumn Team proposed "Classical Chinese Language Based on the Construction of Based on Bag Markers", which is designed for the problem of textual language annotation tasks, and constructs A crowded labeling system to achieve design mechanisms, the system fully considers the user’s professionalism to obtain accurate annotation data, and establish a textual language language understanding based on the acquired entity and relationship data, and the data set,Fill the work of the evaluation benchmark in classical textAt the same time, data support is provided for classical knowledge map.

It is reported that "Future Cup" University AI Challenge is hosted by Peking University Software Engineering Research Center, Steer Tech Technology Platform, Beijing Lezhi Element Technology Co., Ltd., Aiken Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Ai Time Held, "Ai The academic league "The track has been officially launched in June 2021, in 5 months, 204 effective entry submitted by 609 registration teams, screening out 64 teams, after the 64 team, 32 The fierce competition of the strong knockout and selection of layers, on November 13, the final 16-strong final competition is compared. Tianjin University Spring and Autumn Corps gets in the 16 teams participating in the finalsSixth good gradeI won a prize.

2021 "Future Cup" has been officially attached to 500+ colleges and universities at home and abroad, and covers more than 1 million in universities at home and abroad. This year’s AI academic league focuses on artificial intelligence field technology, unlimited application scenarios, is intended to promote exploration of artificial intelligence cutting technology and its technology in more application scenarios.


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Dual system switches office, how to synchronize the data of two systems?

Distinguished by 2019, Buchen Buds has passed for two years, and party and government as the first batch of domestic hardware and software promotion and application pilot industries, from the process of replacing online government office, the process of replacing the online government office is not smooth. The compatibility problem of hardware and software has become a stumbling block that is promoted by the industry, and data security management, exchange sharing is difficult in the difficult point.

There are various restrictions on file exchange sharing in the social environment.

1, FTP cannot be used due to incompatible systems;

2. The shared disk cannot be accessed directly across system, remember IP login access, troubles;

3. Some applications cannot run in the belief environment, unable to handle business, access data.

In order to maintain our daily office, many units use two computers, or single-computer installation dual systems, access data, and handle data by switching computers or switching systems.

Just this way to sign the standard, solve the data production in the social environment, the data access of single equipment, but does not resolve the security sharing between the documents in multiple computers.

In the scene of dual system switching, the Windows system is stored in different panels in different panels, even in the same computer, the data under the two systems can still be directly accessed, and the exchange file is still relying on the disc, a U disk.

Cloud box technology adheres to the development of the times, the launch of government document cloud products, closely around the digital government and intelligent government documentation platform platform, in the social system, cross-network, cross-device document sharing access, increase Effect, perfect processing of document security management and collaboration.

Cloud box government document cloud application plan

Based on the commodity environment, the government is based on the social environment, and the government document of fragmentation stored in personal computer is stored in the cloud, providing a rich team collaboration function such as document online backup, sharing, preview, editing, and circulation.

Government Document Yunxin created full stress, adapted to Zhongke Delod, winning the bid unicorn, the silver river unicorn, UOS operating system, dragon core, Zha, Fei Teng three major CPU architecture, compatible domestic Damadam database and Dongfang Middleware, Strongly create a document collaboration platform in a domestic environment.

1, replace FTP, data one-button migration

Administrative document cloud replaces the FTP system that cannot be used in the social environment, independently developed data migration tools, and achieves 90% automation migration, saves a lot of operation and maintenance management, and provides a 12-level document authority than ftp.

2, replace the shared disk, safety compliance

Administrative document cloud replacement disk, the system does not use 135/139/445 high-risk port, upload, sharing, and the server multi-dose backup, no fear, more secure, more compliant, and more convenient access to the shared disk.

3, cross-system, smoothing access

In the application scenario of the dual system, simply upload the file to the cloud box, after switching the system, log in to the cloud box to get data. Cross-system, not just a operating system, see more direction, or even cross-business systems, such as OA, mail systems, cross-network segments, government networks, and government external networks.

The letter to the industry is the basis for data security and network security. In the past two years, the government portrait has participated in the pilot work of multiple units, and obtains the customer’s recognition.

Future Cloud Box Technology will continue to enhance the ability of the letter of ecological service to help the party and government, finance and other industries, an application, seamless access, and promote the scene of the social industry and vertically.

999 yuan from the 100 yuan machine Royal Redmi Note 11 4G version of sale

Zhongguancun Online Message:At 10 o’clock on the morning of December 1, the Redminote114G version was officially sold, and it was replaced with the original model 8105G chip to Heliog884G chip, and the price dropped to 999 yuan, the new Jin 100 yuan machine immediately.

According to official microblogging and product parameters, the Redminote114G version has replaced the chip, and its 90Hz variable speed high brush, 50 million super clear three, three-dimensional double Yang and other peripheral configurations, for those feelings "5G "medium and low-end users provide new cost performance options.

At the same time, the 5000mAh large battery built in this unit + 18W wired fast charge + 9W reverse charging is at any time to "mobile power" and power it for other devices.At present, the machine has been sold in Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi and the major e-commerce channels, and interested friends don’t miss it.

Do you want milk tea?

Interface newsIt is learned thatDazzlingApp display, recently, BeijingByte beatingNetwork Technology Co., Ltd. applied for the "Byte Tea" "Bytetea" trademark, international classification as a beer beverage, convenient food, current trademark state is in the application.

Difficult! Byte beating as a parent company. Netizen exclaimed: Tulk also do milk tea?

01PART –Really do milk tea?

Express is trying to relevant parties to this regard, but nogetRespond.

Many industry people also analyzed this. Everyone generally believes that due to the media platform under the byte beating, such as shake, today’s headlines, there are huge traffic entrances, there are many online red shops on the market to take this gun. Red.

Instead of making a wedding dress for others, it is better to practice. The current mobile Internet era, this is the largest media communication advantage. It is not impossible to take the lead in which traffic is large and other traffic.

In reality, there are many examples. For example, new media platform – "One"I opened my own physical store. More cross-borders, for example,China Mobile, Sinopec,Jingdong,MilletWaiting for examples of yourself to make a milk tea shop.

Although the market performance is not satisfactory, the tea industry link is a large number of young consumers, which is the main group of domestic consumption in the future.

Even if the tea shop is not profitable, but with milk tea, it is also a good business that is a good business that is a good business that is a good business.

02PART –Can this milk tea shop make money?

The problem is coming, since there is a big traffic, then even if you want to make a tea shop to make money?

In the past two years, the gross profit in the tea industry has been shrinking, directly related to the cost of labor costs and venue rent. But open a milk tea shop, the two must be item, can’t be opened, and it will not be reduced. At this time, only by other aspects, in addition to the excuses, the price of the consumers will immediately turn their faces, there are two problems in the milk tea shop, which is urgent to solve: First, the water should be as large as possible; second, efficiency Evert.

If you want to do water, you can get more people’s consumption, which is full necessary conditions, which is drainage. The second is efficiency, this main term is the arrival rate and effectiveness of marketing propagation, as well as marketing conversion rate.

The advantage of hanging is now a large extent to solve the above pain points.

During the drainage, the shake itself is a traffic entry. Coupled with the takeaway, group purchase and e-commerce services, combined with the access of the data port, the huge database can be clearer, more accurately, position their consumption time and consumer scene, analyze their Consumer behavior and consumption psychology, tracking their consumption trends and trends, reconstruct consumer processes and experience, stimulation, and transformation into reality.

Formed aboveCountIt is based on a benign closed loop of analysis and selling tools. Industry insiders analyzed that this is the most terrible place to jeak and its companies.

03PART –What is the impact on the industry?

So all, have other milk tea shops still live? We interviewed many industry insiders, summed up, and have the following opinions:

Even if you want to open your tea shop, if you are not purely exposed window, if notPlay ticketInstead, I really make a tea shop in my heart, do brand, and the product is always the foundation.

Although the competition in the tea industry has been interpreting the jungle law, the new metabolism, the survival of the fittest, but the future of this industry is always: the iterations and innovations of the original material, the transformation, cultural and lifestyle of the technological means, in addition to spiritual properties The return and labeling.

Based on the product, it is the way to survive.

Head brands, big-name players naturally have brand and resource endowments, even in the county-level sinking market, they also have the same level of the brand, expand the potential range.

If the small and medium-sized brands do not have the biggest difference, there is no formation of the mental occupation of consumers and the rapid rise of rapid rise, and in the marketplace, it will become the loser.

In recent years, the fire rises in the store rent and labor cost is the lastA straw.

"Interconnection" is really true, WeChat "lying flat"

The largest wall of the Internet is being removed.

Yesterday, Tencent’s traffic Big Bing WeChat released the interconnection upgrade scheme implemented by safety as a bottom line, a phase, a subtle step, which is greatly open to the external link.

main content:

1, private chat scene can directly access the outer chain;

2. Under the guidance of the regulatory authority, the group chat scene is open, the external links of the e-commerce class are directly accessed (Ali is happy to laugh);

3. Subsequent Plan Development Independent Selection Mode provides users with external chain management functions.

In the end, he urged other friends to open the WeChat:

"Exploring the technical possibility of using WeChat services on other platforms, providing users with a better experience."

After the September Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, after the Internet giants such as the Internet giants, all families have taken some attitudes, indicating that embrace interconnection, but most of them are testive small actions.

Ali Tid took a long time to support WeChat payment, but in fact, it is only added to the APP, and the Tao Toy will automatically generate a payment QR code after the payment process selection WeChat scanning method. After the user needs to save the picture, pay by the WeChat scan code or send a friend payment; WeChat opens the third-party outer chain, but only one-to-one single scene; byte beating is the one who wants to open other platforms, shout Many, but they don’t have substantive action.

"Iron Boxing" is coming, things have changed.

This time, Tencent is equivalent to open his own door, one-on-one chat, add a group chat, all open to other platforms. The social exchange is the lifeblood of Tencent, which is equivalent to giving you the biggest cake.

Interconnection, Tencent is flat.

(Figure: WeChat group Taobao, Tmall’s link can be opened, even after logging in, you can directly purchase the order)

The information free flow of the large Internet platform has been considered a piece of iron, and each family has its own consideration. In the past, the administrative power also has no excessive "reach" for the emerging Internet industry.

However, under the intervention of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the interconnection is true. Behind the reasons, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is also very clear in the press conference: "Internet security is the bottom line, the development of the Internet will definitely make the people’s life more convenient."

In other words, the interconnection is a big event, Ali, Tencent, byte beat, who said it is not counted.


Break the Internet barrier, who is it for?

Remove the wall to the Internet giants, starting from July this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched a special governance action for the Internet industry in July, and the shielding website link is the key point of governance.

In September, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology directly about a few giants, requiring a limited time to solve the "malicious shielding website".

This day is coming sooner or later, because China’s Internet is moving toward closure and cutting. If the official is not strong, this ecology will have an increasingly negative impact on the entire economy.

10 years before this, China is the world’s most embarrassing country, allowing the digital economy to ran nearly 400 trillion levels, accounting for 38.6% of GDP. It has become a key driving force for economic growth.

At the same time, the Internet huge, which cultivates Ali, Tencent, bytes, and the US group, penetrates to the side of economic life.

But this support and cultivation are to break the barriers of traditional economy, do big cakes, not to go back.

China’s economic expansion is to open as the main line. In the past, it is closed, and there are all regions to customize the card. The foreign commodities cannot enter the local area. Half of the cake is half the cream is a pancake fruit, and the market elements cannot be circulated.

At the beginning of the Internet, I originally broke the market departure, bringing open, and promoting circulation. Drive a lot of incremental skills and employment.

However, in recent years, with the user of mobile Internet, the giants have been robbed between the giants to rob the stock cake, which has begun to lead to market departures that are still serious underline.

For example, for the "two choice one" force teams, as well as the traffic closure between the giants, including the URL and tools of mutual shielding opponents.

This time, many people think that WeChat is fully open to e-commerce links, which is the victory of Alibaba. From short-term results, it is true, but from the motivation of the regulatory authorities, this is not a purpose.

Recently, the concept of "private domain" started this year. Behind the top of the platform electric business, the internal volume of e-commerce companies is getting more serious. Enterprises need more promotion fees to exchange platform traffic support, some small and medium-sized enterprises even have a fear of double eleven promotions: do not spend money, according to no natural traffic; spend money promotion, calculate Earn a lot, all kinds of costs, or even a loss.

Alibaba is now enthusiastic about "interconnection" is so enthusiastic, because it is urgent to find new source sources. Seeing a lot of spells in the WeChat ecology in just a few years, I don’t know what I want to make the decision to shield the WeChat in the year.

Of course, it is not possible to stand in the perspective of God. After all, Alibaba’s strategy is successful. In the era of PC Internet, Taobao was shielded in Baidu’s search. Forced Baidu, he had to invest in the e-commerce, and then in this Ali familiar track, it was beaten north.

But WeChat is another idea. It doesn’t go to do e-commerce, but do this basic disk that connects to users, and then makes third-party ecological themselves, this road is now better than yourself. This also led to Alibaba, who had already shielded other platforms, began embrace interconnection.

In the view of the regulatory authorities, let the big platforms interconnect between the platforms are more choices to make SMEs, let them have a living, in order to stimulate development, release economic vitality.

Therefore, "interconnection" is not just an industry problem, but under the will of the country, protect the interests of the people and economic order.

The direction of the supervision layer is clear: closed without opening, monopoly, not innovating, competing for stock rather than creating increments.


Have the opening of the bottom line, why is safe to mention multiple times?

But open is not the mouth talking so simple, there is a prerequisite for multiple mentioned.

The Industry and Information Technology is in promoting the interconnection between the Internet platforms: "The platform is open to the platform, and the steps of steps are resolved, and the Internet security is the bottom line."

This round is open, and the user has been open to the WeChat upgrade. The private chat is open, and the group chat is open to the e-commerce link, and it can be forwarded after opening the outer chain.

From the current situation, Tencent’s old opponent’s old opponent’s old opponent has been prepared to be fully open, and the rest is nothing more than payment tools.

However, the shake link still can’t completely unimpeded in WeChat, it is clear that private chat is open, and the group chat is suspended. Many sounds believe that in terms of content and Tencent have been in the field bytes, it has become the most direct competitor.

But this discipline clearly underestimed the determination of the supervision department. In September, "Internet Interoperation" has passed, and there are more spells of WeChat ecology, praise, the micro-alliance has opened a plunge mode, and a similar share price has fallen 12% in one day.

However, compared to the pain of these companies, the regulatory authorities clearly pay more attention to the healthy development of overall economic ecology. WeChat is open to an open or two open, how to open, his own opinions have long been, and it is more important to ensure that all movement compliance is more important.

The reason for the shake link is temporarily unable to open in WeChat group.

Internet interoperability is only one aspect of the Internet order, and the three bottom lines of the most important importance of this round of the Internet are: information security, economic order, people’s livelihood. The information security is the first.

WeChat is open, a more realistic problem is: short video plus social sharing, especially the broadcast sharing of group chat, the content security problem caused by the group, who is responsible? How to avoid it from the source, even if the content of the rumors, fraudulent information, even in the Facebook case, how to avoid it from the source?

At this time, I look back that the "Internet Security is the bottom line" that is repeatedly emphasized. It is very necessary.

The supervision side has a deep background with a deep background. From a global perspective, the government’s attitude towards the Internet has experienced a large change: from the focus of the emerging industries, it has become an object of "heavy punch" of the regulatory agency.

This is not difficult to understand, when more and more people are connected to the Internet, the information leaks, the personal information is abused, and there is evidence that the organization has affected the lessons of the general election through Facebook, but also let the supervision agencies Be cautious.

Encourage openness, and ultimately promote the healthy development of digital industries, Internet security is increasingly valued.


New traffic Wang Thaw, do you need WeChat?

From another perspective, now the current shake, really still need WeChat?

In September this year, Tiktok announced that the global monthly active user has exceeded 1 billion; in April in early April, Bloomberg reported that the daily active user’s goal of this year reached 680 million. Tit + Tiktok, the total number of active users has actually exceeded WeChat.

Even if the Tiktok is just a shake, it is too powerful.

In terms of content:The shake is long before Tencent. Instant communication has long been a long history of high-grade mobile Internet users, because the first function of the mobile phone is communication, everyone is also habging, I don’t think there will be someone to challenge this king.

But last year, the user’s long list was taken by the short video. By the first half of this year, the user’s short video is as long as 29.8%, and the instant messaging is only 20.4%, short video pulls the instant messaging to nearly 10 percentage points.

This is essentially shake and WeChat this long portrayal.

In terms of e-commerce:The shake relies on a large number of anchor growth, and last year GMV has reached 500 billion. This year’s goal is to break through 1 trillion.

Third-party institutions, "interest e-commerce" represented by shake, to 9.5 trillion to 2023, and now the official statistics of Internet retail size is only 12 trillion.

This measurement may be exaggerated, short video e-commerce also has a short board for supply chain control and credit, but its momentum is indeed underestimated.

In the new BAT three giants, B (bytes beat) became the existence of the other two.

And it is interesting here that Alibaba once is one of the biggest advertisers, and the million-level accounts of the shake have access to the shopping cart, so that users will link directly to Taobao. "Southern Metropolis Daily" has reported that jimming and Taobao have signed a 7 billion annual framework agreement in 2019, which contains 6 billion yuan advertising and 1 billion commissions. In addition, it is said that the new cooperation amount of Alibaba and the shake in 2020 may be around 20 billion.

At the same time, there is another action, and in August 2020. It is forbidden to jump on the third party platform link at the date, and "Entering the mine is not affected in the shake small shop."

The live e-e-commerce of shake is in this context. In April 2020, Luo Yonghao broadcasts the first show in the shake, creating a single 30 million yuan GMV, but all this.

I don’t know what I will cultivate the hanging e-commerce wings. When I thought.

So, whether Alibaba is still Tencent, the shake has already had a capital of the board. Whether it is with WeChat or Tmall Taobao’s interoperability, it may not be as important as the shake.

it’s here

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4K 144Hz, MINI LED warfare: HKC Huike PG27P5U

Once I had, I also shouted the "LCD never slave". But in just a few years, in addition to Samsung, LG announced the discontinuation of LCD, China Jingdong, etc., no longer adds to the investment on the LCD panel.

As the earliest, technology is very mature display technology, traditional LCDs have not met the current panel demand.

As a successor of the LCD, these two-year popularity is very popular. OLED is excellent, you can see it on many devices. But its biggest problem is "Burn screen", that is, the pixel point luminous time is different, resulting in inconsistent aging time, which is the drawback of the OLED pixel level control.

On the phone, this problem will be further enlarged on the monitor and TV device. Because two types mentioned above are devices that are long-term cycles. You buy a monitor / TV, you can’t change it a year, basically starting for 3 or 4 years. Under such a long period of time, OLEDs don’t seem to be a perfect solution.

Xiaomi new 65-inch OLED TV

Inorganic material manufacturing, in terms of life, stability, dimming solutions, etc., more advantageous than OLED, and is also a subject of chasing in the industry. (The specific parameters are not expanded, take care of the space)

Micro LED, using micron-level LEDs as self-emitting pixel units, no longer needed to be an LCD panel. Because of its small size, high integration, there is a natural advantage on multiple display indicators.

Micro LED must be the future, but not now. Because the difficulty is difficult, such as huge amounts of transfer.

If you want to transfer Micro LEDs to a specific drive base, you need to use a huge amount of transfer if you make a two-dimensional cycle array. At present, low-cost huge metastasis technology has not been achieved, so there is still a long way to go from large-scale commercial mass production.


And MINI LEDs are essentially based on LCD evolution, you can also see the technical upgrade of traditional LCDs.

Compared to traditional LCDs, the backlight of the Mini LED is smaller, the pixel-level dynamic backlight effect is more refined than before. Through the partition backlight, there can be more dark backgrounds, higher contrast and lower energy consumption than traditional LCDs. At the same time, there will be no burnt screen, frequency flash and other problems.

This technology is currently very mature, observing the new new strategy, iPad and Mac series, and MINI LEDs.

Of course, you can see that Apple is supporting the development of the industry chain, but more importantly, Mini LED is an important transition from the technology to Micro LED, and even replacing OLD is not over.

In the high-end market, MINI LED technology is sought after by the world, whether it is a manufacturer or consumer.

The important reason for OLED burning screen is that the lighting point is fragile, the faster the aging is aging, this is also a natural disadvantage than LCD / mini LEDs.

When a technology solves brightness, life problems, while comparing contrast, color, etc., it is the current optimal solution.

Of course, more important reason is that MINI LED technology is already mature, and the price of end products is not leaving, which can be accepted by more consumers.

Today, take this HKC Huko just released MINI LED monitor PG27P5U, talk about what is the level of MINI LED mass production models.

All technologies, mass production and commercial are king. At first glance, this monitor is not cheap, but the horizontal contrast, you will find that the HKC may be the cheapest.

12999 The first sale price, the equation, ASUS ROG’s same size product, the price has been 20,000 yuan, and it also shows out of stock.

Simply look at hardware parameters, mini LED technology, 4K resolution, 144Hz high refresh rate, HDR1000 certification, 100% Adobe RGB color gamut, 200000: 1 high contrast, HDMI 2.1, etc.

Unlike common white appearances, HKC PG27P5U uses light gray color, including brackets and support arms.

This gray is a bit a bit of gray, and the color is between white and gray, which will be more advanced compared to the general gray look.

Install is very simple, assemble the bracket and support arm, and insert it to the display.

The overall appearance and minimalism, and those who are positioned in killing Matt RGBs are completely different.

The RGB lamp belt under HKC logo is made into arcs, and the lamp can be adjusted independently in the OBD menu.

The lamp belt is embedded in this curved slot, and the luminescence effect will be more technically.

The adjustment of the display is mainly adjusted by the bounce shaft and the lower end chocolate axis.

Support for pre-leaning – 10 ° ~ 33 °, up 130 ± 5mm, left and right – 20 ° ~ 20 °.

It also supports 90 ° vertical rotation.

However, more, because there is no vertical adjustment track, the up and down adjustment of HKC PG27P5U is done under the pre-tendency of the chocolate shaft.

Functionality and vertical adjustment, but the screen will pour some.

Although there is a hub, because the minimalistic design is made, the wire will be leaked next to the bracket, which can be further optimized.

The interface layout is as follows:

Others are routine interfaces, it is worth mentioning that HDMI 2.1 * 2 is standard. The transmission rate is 48Gbps, which has increased much more than the previous generation bandwidth. At the same time, VRR is supported, that is, the refresh frequency.

However, on the road of HDMI, I always feel that the future may be the era of Thunderbolt 4 + USB Type-C, of ??course, it is after years.

Standard HDMI 2.1, DP 1.4, and power is also white, unified style.

Test Data

Put the test data directly, I am also very interested in this mini LED.

It covers 100% SRGB color gamut, 100% adobergb color gamut, 94% P3 color gamut.

Visance curve 2.2, and standardized curve very fit.

Normal state, the maximum brightness is 688.1 nit, the color temperature is 7400K.

However, MINI LEDs also have an excitation strategy, and ordinary Datacolor red spiders are not tested.

The following figure can be seen that the PG27P5U maximum brightness can reach 1106 nit when tested with the CA-310 of the CA-310.

Secondary test, the maximum brightness of the sampling data is 726.1 nit. The deviation is the highest in the 8th area, the difference is 10%, that is, on the dark.

The chromaticity uniformity, the 7th position is closest to the D65 standard.

Color performance, the official claims to factory first-stage school to ensure that each display δ e ≤ 2.

The measured average Δ e is only 0.55, which is even better than the official claims. So this monitor can play games, image processing is also a good choice.


Light of the screen, the three-sided ultra-narrow border, and the immersion is good.

Computer display resolution 3840 * 2160, 144Hz refresh rate.

I also bought MINI LED’s MacBook Pro, HKC will also present that very transparent feel after brighten.

In this brightly-shaped display, because the pleolela characteristics of the Mini LED use a large number of LED lamp beads on the backlight module as a backlight, through the control of the LED lamp bead, the bright and dark scenes of the display screen can be accurately adjusted.

Plus higher contrast and peak brightness, so you can see the dark dark, the bright bright.

Under the black screen, there is no obvious gray phenomenon.

Compared to traditional LCDs, the lamp of MINI LED backlight is smaller, which can be achieved close to the dynamic backlight effect of the pixel. It can also improve brightness and contrast while controlling dark areas and leakage.

Find a ski material, you can see the pattern close to the whole white, the texture of snow, and the distant details can still be clear, the color is very good, no bilateral exposure.

This is the benefit of ultra-high brightness, when we watch it very bright pictures, there will be no shine shot.

Under the scenario of the blue sky and the snow, the distant segments are rich in the distant sky, and there is no exposure in white snow.

With HDR and high contrast, the film’s view is very good. The display effect is not lost without OLED.

Plus FREESYNC and high refresh rates, the game scene is also the advantage of this display.

There is a very low brightness of the big tumbers, and there is no black group, carefully see the details of the pavement and the surrounding plants clearly visible.

After opening the dark part, the mission summon this type of FPS game, and the brightness of the dark portion can be further improved.

When 2k22 games, high refresh rate is very useful. Although it is only 144 Hz, I believe in me, people’s glasses are changed from 60 Hz to 144Hz feels obvious, but from 144 Hz to 240 Hz, this change will be reduced.

In most cases, MINI LEDs are almost consistent with the OLED effect. But although there are 512 partition backlight independent control, the essence is actually LCD, so in some focus highlights, slight halo will appear.

The back RGB light is an additional item, but HKC is doing very restless, and does not kill Matt at all.

The curved RGB multi-color fusion is natural, there is no shortage of tomography and obvious color steps.

In the OBD menu, you can set up, static red, breathing, colorful and running horses.

However, the OBD menu interface and the font are slightly small, and all in the middle, I hope to increase.

In the game mode, there is Freesync, the dark field is bright, OD acceleration and HDR Tech.

Support game star, countdown, and USB dock setting.

In addition to common preset modes, eye protection blue light also gives three sets of custom adjustment options.


Micro LED is the future, this is not a fact. But good technology, it is also possible to achieve commercial mass production.

Therefore, when Micro LED is difficult to break through the technology and cost, MINI LED is very good to make this blank, and OLED directly forms a competition.

As I used the experience, HKC this PG27P5U, in the same level, "cost performance" is very high. If you want to buy a mini LED monitor now, this may be your no batch.

The display effect except that the small size of the extremely dark scene is high in high light, most of the time is consistent with OLED, and the sense of view can be smashed in several streets of traditional LCD. Moreover, it also solves the problem of OLED flakes, brightness, etc., which is undoubtedly a very good application technology.

So now let me choose, the monitor will definitely do not hesitate to choose Mini LED, not OLED.

Briefly, MINI LED has a comprehensive advantage of LED and OLEDs, and has removed stability and brightness of the short board.

MINI LED has a large-scale growth space, fake time, when the mini LED price is further exploring, it will be a wave of well-explosion.

TT pilot C360 RGB keyboard, explorer X2 mouse evaluation: easy to use it, wireless button

Recently, THERMALTAKE, who has been quiet in the peripheral circle, brought three new peripheral products for the majority of players, including pilot C360 RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard, explorer X2 game mouse and swordsman X1 three-mode wireless game mouse. These three products have joined the current mainstream design idea and specifications, and pricing is also conscience. Next, let the author bring a brief review of the Navigator C360 RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard and explorer X2 game mouse.

Packaging & Accessories:

The outer packaging of these two products continued its own Argent Magic Silver series, with a high brand identity. The packaging provides product model, display, feature introduction, etc., so that users understand product features. As can be seen from the packaging, two products have adopted a very popular design style, a small-sized strain of the leader C360 RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard; the exploration X2 gaming mouse is a hollow lightweight design.

On the attachment content, the Explorer X2 game mouse provides a product manual, a USB TYPE-C rubber cable with colored body. The pilot C360 RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard is a product manual, a cushioner, a cuvers, and a white USB TYPE-C cable.

Appearance & Detail:

The pilot C360 RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard uses 65% of the laundering layout, the 68-key compact layout style, and uses a white narrow border integrated undercarriage with the black gray key cap, the overall design is simple, it looks more Simple and dyed. This keyboard provides two colors that make it easy for players to choose according to personal preferences. Explorer X2 gaming mouse is a design concept of "cave mice", which uses a preliminary "cave mouse", and the body uses a large-area hexagonal hollow treatment, black and white different solid color programs, with a small symmetrical fuselage, It also brings a good appearance identification.

The Explorer X2 gaming mouse uses a symmetrical ergonomic shape, with 125mm × 65mm × 37mm body size, flattened body design, is very friendly for different hands, different grip postures. A large-area hollow treatment is used on the upper cover and button panel, which is still more consistent with the cutout treatment of the current mainstream. Small and easier fuselage programs can also bring more flexible handling. The overall design of the mouse looks in the medium, the back curve is gentle, converge in the middle, and the tail is slightly extended to the outside, and the gripping, grasp of the middle-handed gripping, and the small-handed grip can easily , There is also a good performance in comfort, and it is very good in hand.

The left side of the fuselage provides two side keys with long strips, but the line design on the button not only brings better visual opinion, but also more obvious on the feeling of hand, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of misunderstandings. The two side bonds are biased, and the front and rear positions are moderate, and it is still very convenient to use. The two buttons are long, the pressure is moderate, and the feel is still available. The top position of the fuselage provides a USB Type-C interface for convenient users to charge or connect the mouse.

The two main buttons use a split structure, and the key panel uses a concave design, touch, touch, and hand feeling in the key panel. The micro-moving part is equipped with a hitting life of about 10 million Huano powder, according to the moderate pressure, short in the itinerary, fast rebound, hard feel, confirm is also clear, single or point It is very good to use. The roller part uses a light-transmitting roller with a rubber burst plan, rolling, damping is very light, and the scale is slightly weak. The middle key hand senses in the rules, but there are still some biased. A DPI switch button is also provided, slightly raised on the mirror decorative strip, the feel is compact, and the overall performance is still more nice.

The pilot C360 RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard uses a 68-key multi-column plan, compact layout with narrow border integrated undercase is also a more popular keyboard design in the past two years. The black gray double-color keycap is matched with a white undercase, and the level is clear, and it is good to perform in the sense of sympathy. The keycap sides also provide a bond note for some combination function keys to make everyday use more convenient. The body size is about 312mm × 102mm × 38mm, and the volume size is still more compact, with the bottom shell of the lightweight material, which also allows the keyboard to take up less, more light, and the storage is also easier and convenient.

The white undercase line is clear and tough, and the corner is treated with round and smooth, and the workmanship is still very meticulous. The USB TYPE-C data interface is provided on top of the upper left corner of the keyboard, which can be used for keyboard charging or wired use, with a very high USB Type-C interface, which has better performance in terms of use, compatibility. A small red module is added in the lower right corner of the housing, and the brand logo is printed, further enhance the identity of the keyboard.

Both products have a minimalistic design concept. The keyboard four-corner position provides long-shaped non-slip mat to ensure the stability of the keyboard, avoid displacement and sliding during use. The product information sticker is provided in the bottom intermediate position, and the magnetic receiver storage tank with a magnetic suction side is provided below, and a plurality of power switches are provided below.

The bottom of the mouse also uses large-area hollow reduction processing, the quarter-angle position is the test of the Tefuro, so that the mouse slides more smoothly and stabilizes. At the bottom also provides the wireless receiver storage bin, the power switch, and the return rate adjustment button, which can further facilitate the adjustment of the mouse performance, and the mid-range optical sensor scheme is also convenient for users to be quickly familiar with.

Keycap & Hand:

The pilot C360 RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard is equipped with a high-tech shaft body, and the author’s keyboard is a red axis. The high red shaft adopts a linear manual scheme, a total travel 4.0mm, triggering the trigger 2.0mm, the pressure gram 45GF, the button life is approximately 50 million, and the press is relatively smooth, rebounded, and the overall performance of the rules. The large key part uses the satellite axis program. It has a slight microta in the bottom of the bottom, and the wire tone and sway treatment are also generally adjusted.

The keyboard PCB supports the shaft hot-swap design, which uses the current hot-swap axis block scheme, which can be compatible with most of the three-legged shafts on the market, and the shaft body is still slightly less poor, but most of the users are It is still enough to use it. Users can experience more different shafts on this keyboard, and also have a good practicality and playability.

The keycap provides a set of two-color molded PBT material keycaps, original high-level programs, non-light design, color matching or more nice. The surface of the keycap is treated with fine grinding sand, the texture is good, and the touch is also more clear and dry, and it has further improved the user experience. The keycap is fine, there is no obvious burr, gap, and the injection handling is also clean.

RGB backlight:

In the lighting performance, the pilot C360 RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard uses a white positioning steel plate, refractive light, and rendering has a better manifestation. The light is evenly smooth, and the dynamic performance is natural, and it is still very good in visual view. The keyboard has a built-in 20 different light effect modes, and the player can be adjusted by the Fn combination keys, and supports the brightness of the light, the light efficiency, the adjustment of the dynamic speed, and the playability is still very nice.

The Explorer X2 game mouse provides the logo lamp and the roller light of the tail. The light-transmitted brand logo is provided in the tail of the mouse, and the light will illuminate when the power switch and switching the DPI gear. The roller lamp is Wire mode will only light, the light is bright, and the performance is still more good. It is hoped that you can open the light adjustment function in subsequent firmware updates to bring more lighting games to users.

Use tests:

The pilot C360 RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard provides three connection modes, 2.4g and Bluetooth connection mode, and supports the pairing connections for three channels in Bluetooth mode, which is still relatively rich in the connection mode. Without the three connection modes, all-button non-scratch schemes can be avoided because of interference caused by key conflicts, it should be sufficient for daily office and entertainment games. The keyboard has a 2000mAH lithium battery, with the automatic sleep function, in the state of turning off the light, the Bluetooth mode can provide about two months of battery life, 2.4G mode is also a month’s battery life, life can still be satisfied Some users’ needs are required.

Explorer X2 game mouse supports wired and wireless 2.4G two connection modes, and it is very easy to respond to everyday use scenarios. The fuselage has a hollowed lightweight solution, the weight of the body is about 81 grams, and the weight control performance is still nice. The internal 600mAh lithium battery can provide a long time for about 30 days, and the performance is still very good. This mouse is equipped with a PMW3325 optical sensor that supports up to 5000DPI, 120IPs and 20G acceleration, with 6-speed fixed DPI numerical adjustment, although positioning entry level, but meets most users’ game needs.

In 2.4G wireless state, these two products do not have obvious combination of carton, disconnect, and the stability of wireless connectivity is still very good, and there is no problem in response to various types of use scenarios. Both products use the USB Type-C data interface, which is very convenient in charging and wired state, with 2.4G wireless solution, can reduce the user’s desktop’s useless wire, so that the desktop layout looks more clean and refreshing.

The three-mode connection scheme of the leader C360 RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard has a better platform adaptation performance, and it is easy to easily compatibility with the current mainstream operating system and mobile devices. Rich combination button functions also make this keyboard with most key features that enable full-size keyboards, and are very friendly for users who have just needed with digital keypad. These two products have been used for unwaver design, plug and play, but also very convenient, with high ease of use.

Explorer X2 gaming mouse symmetrical body design grip naturally comfortable, left and right button hand, trigger sensitive, optical sensor response is fast, follow-up, in daily use or game use is still sufficient. The hardware body, the button is used in conjunction with the weight of the body, and the hand does not bring too obvious fatigue, and it is also relaxed for a long time, and the experience is still very good.


THERMALTAKE newly launched pilot C360 RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard and explorer X2 game mouse these two products, pricing is 399 yuan, 169 yuan, with daily activities, the hand price is about 349 yuan, 149 yuan, good cost performance . Although two products in the details are maintained, there is still no problem in the daily use of users. As a peripheral peripheral product positioning, these two products have no obvious shortboards on the appearance of the color, and it is also worth buying.

Aquarhome Open Source Personal Home Using Tutorial

Last week, I got a lot of friends after I have just opened Aquarhome (code cloud: github: and support, this makes me more powerful.At the same time, some existing systems have also been discovered, and the important issues are repaired in these days.Everyone gave me a lot of good suggestions, I will take care of it, and use the functions used in the next version as a response.

Everyone has a high voice is that the configuration of the system components does not have a help document, causing many parameters, I don’t know how to fill it. So I wrote a set of help documents these days, more detail the system installation process, and show the configuration of each component. Help documents have also been opened to the code cloud, everyone needs to see it. This article I extracted the installation section of the help document and the settings of the icon link to you for your reference.

Documentation Home
System installation and overall introduction
Icon link configuration instructions
Docker configuration instructions
NextCloud configuration instructions
Trueenas configuration description
SyncTHING configuration instructions

Quick start-Docker mode

Aquarhome’s deployment is recommended to use Docker-Compose.

0. The installation of Docker and Docker-Compose is not the focus of this document, please refer to the other information installation.

1. After you are ready for the Docker-Compose environment, create a new folder.

For example: mkdir aquarhome

2. Create a docker-compose.yml file in the folder.

Touch docker-compose.yml

3. Paste the following configuration in the document and specify three Docker roll mount points according to your own directory structure.

Version: "3"
Image: finetu / aquarhome: Latest
Container_name: Aquarhome
– PUID=1000
– pgid=1000
– tz=asia / shanghai
– Your / path / to / data: / var / aquardata # data directory, including core configuration data, cache / upload file, etc.
– Your / path / to / aquarpool: / opt / aquarpool # For file synchronization features, if this feature is not required, you can choose an empty folder to fill in
– /opt/aquar/storages :/root/.pm2/logs # log file
– 8172: 8172
Restart: UnsS-stopped

4. In the Aquarhome directory, perform the use of the Docker-Compose boot container. By the way, because docker-compose is a Python tool, Python sometimes uses the virtual environment. If you find that you have installed the docker-compose, you can still use the docker-compose command, you can confirm that your current PYHTON environment is which one.

CD Aquarhome
Docker-compose up -d

5. Docker-compose starts normally, access the address in the main network, such as, if you can see the Aquarhome login page, the deployment is successful.


The development philosophy of Aquarhome is to be as light as possible, so the technology stack of pure JavaScript is used. Abandoning the database on the data store, the data is performed in the way of the configuration file, which in addition to the lightweight on the architecture, it also makes the system configuration data have extremely high readability and portability, which can be convenient Manual maintenance and migration.

After entering the data directory (Docker container / VAR / AQUARDATA), you can see the directory structure is as follows:

├── BG_IMG <====Background chart upload directory
│ └── 999AF70A4C8BF2D3F9C9F26145BA6cc9.Webp
├── cache <====Component cache directory
│ └ – Nextcloud
│ └─- thumb <====Abbreviated cache of NextCloud Components
│ ├ – 01E2FAAD43078BE9022130AEAAA505D.WEBP
│ ├─ 0 03ac2910226dd17cbb436978d908d852.webp
│ ├─X 0550386419f81fa4c89eb499fa8431b8.webp
│ …

├── DB <====AquarhomeCore configuration data
│ └── db.json
├─- icon_img <====Icon file directory, including uploaded with automatic capture icons
│ ├─ 0B6A2E93AE151351.ICO
│ ├─7CA77F3C376D9412.ICO
│ ├─ 8 850CE3DBE85B1C3E04B5A4D41C97249D.Webp
│ ├── 86bd2266437333aa.ico
│ ├─H87A178C91CA60635.ICO
│ …
└─- log <====Log catalog

Among them, /db/db.json is the core configuration file of Aquarhome, the file format is JSON, the content is also easy to understand, I should easily understand the meaning of the configuration after simply labeled it.

"auth": {# 权限 verification information, contains the system automatically generated key, and the user-defined username and password’s MD5 hash value
"Secret": "p3xkcubute",
"Username": "Firemaker",
"Password": "3B774FE4F5D86E9B112789A2708E1E91"
"config": {# system configuration information, contains background pictures, background blur values, subject solutions and background colors
"current_index": 0,
"bgcolor": "# 455a65",
"BGBLUR": "0",
"theme": "defaultlight"
"Tabs": [# tab data, all components of the title and connotation of the tab
"Title": "Navigation",
"widgets": [# component list
"ID": "CBAF8DDA-8E77-4AB4-A328-C13F78B2C386", # components unique ID value
"sort": 1, # Sort Properties, temporarily unused
"name": "SyncTHING LOCAL", the name of the # component
"href": "http:// localhost: 8384", # link address
"image": "img / nextcloud.jpg", the icon address of the # component
"widget": "synthingwidget", # tag this is a synthing component
"Layout": {# Tags its coordinates and sizes
"x": 4,
"y": 2,
"w": 3,
"h": 4,
"i": "CBAF8DDA-8E77-4AB4-A328-C13F78B2C386",
"Moved": false
"DATA": {
"Server": "http:// localhost: 8384", # server address
"App_Key": "Mescgd6imipvTfvgojshhrSwcad9Syzp" # User configured App_Key to pass the authentication of the SyncTHING interface

This design can not only control the entire system more powerful, or you can quickly migrate the system when needed, you only need to pack the entire data directory, put it in place you want to migrate, or just DB. The JSON file is taken away and re-transfer over the icon in the new system. Everything can be seen.

Icon link configuration

As a personal home page, Aquarhome’s most basic feature is to add a link icon. The link icon has two forms – icon morphology and strip form. The conversion logic is: When the height of the icon component is 1 g and it is displayed as a strip form; when the icon component height is greater than 1, it is displayed as an icon form. In addition, Aquarhome also supports the batch import of icons.

Single icon configuration:

1. Click the gear flag in the upper right corner of Aquarhome to enter the setup page, click the Add Component menu on the left, select ICON, and click Go to the parameter settings page.

2. Fill in the icon name and link address in the page, click OK, you can see a new icon on the desktop and automatically capture the ICO of the website.

3. Click the setting buttons at the top of the icon to make more parameters settings.

4. After clicking the settings, you can see that the setting page is shown below.

4.1 Automatically grabbed ICO icon can be empty or re-acquired.

4.2 Click the icon picture to use the picture image as the icon image.

After selecting a local image, you can adjust on the page. After the adjustment is complete, click the OK button below to complete the upload.

5. After clicking the Submit button of the Settings page, the new configuration takes effect.

6. After clicking the setting layout button on the top right of the page, then pull the component to move the lower right corner, you can see that the icon component can adapt different forms as needed.

7. When the ICO icon is emptied, manually upload icon replace the original ICO icon, used as a strip-like icon. After re-acquiring the ICO icon, the strip icon will switch the ICO icon.

Batch import link

Aquarhome supports import icons in batches to avoid duplicate operations.

The configuration is as follows:

1. Click the gear flag in the upper right corner of Aquarhome to enter the setup page, click the Add Component menu on the left, select ICON, and click Go to the parameter settings page.

2. Click the "Batch Import" button on the upper right corner of the parameter page to enter the batch import page.

3. Write the data you want to import according to the [Link Name], [Link Address] format. .

4. Click the "Batch Add" button to wait for a while. Turn off the Settings page to see the icon components generated on the page appear on the page.

5. If some icons do not correctly capture the ICO icon, open its setup page attempt to re-capture. Foreign websites may arrest unsuccessful. You know.

What is worth buying app all net shop shopping prices

Why is the new domestic 3 liter OLAYKS rice cooker?

"This 3-liters of rice pot is much smaller than the 1.8-liter rice cooker of my family!" During the "Double 11" period, Mr. Shen Lao, who lived in Shanghai Minhang District, participated in Tmall Suning Tesco. The flagship store’s snapped up, purchased a capacity of 3 liters of domestic brand Olayks’s rice pot. However, after he got the electric rice pot, it was found that this new pot was much smaller than the 1.8 liter of the rice rice cooker for many years.

Mr. Shen and Water measured the inner liner capacity of the new rice rice cooker, found that after the highest tick of the water is marked to the liner, the water is about 2.4 liters, and there is no 3 liters. In this regard, Mr. Shen Lao puts forward two questions: "Why is the 3 liter of rice cooker but less than 1.8 liters? Why is there no 3 liters after the new rice pot plus the highest tick?"

Mr. Shen Lao, who retired at home, wanted to buy a rice cooker chicken soup.

With its own home for many years, the size of the imported Toshiba rice cooker marked as 1.8 liters is referred to. Mr. Shen, finally in Tmall Suning Tesco official flagship store to see a domestic brand Olayks known as "export Japan". High-voltage rice cooker, this pot capacity is 3 liters, priced at 300 yuan.

However, after the rice cooker hand, Mr. Shen was blindsided – a new pot much smaller than the old rice cooker Toshiba’s new pot guts can even be placed directly in the old pot guts, but also leave a lot gap.

His own model look behind Toshiba’s rice cooker RC-DU18WA label attached, shows the maximum cooking capacity of 1.8 liters, and look at the label on the Olayks buy a new electric pressure cooker, it does show a nominal capacity of 3 liters.

Why Callout 3 liters of new rice cooker but less marked than the old 1.8-liter rice cooker? Shen old man very puzzled by the size of the new rice cooker, ask customer service after being asked to shoot video proof.

So, Mr. Shen did an experiment. He calculated the new measuring cup and water bladder volume pot, the water reaches the appropriate measuring tank top tick, the volume is about 2.4 liters of water, and when water is poured into the bead on the flush tank, above the maximum tick into account for calculating the volume, just before the volume of water reaches about 3 liters.

In this regard, Suning Tesco official flagship store customer service to respond to Mr. Shen said, by asking Olayks manufacturers, concluded that the 3-liter tank volume is calculated according to Shen old man purchased a new rice cooker in diameter 185 mm, height 115 mm. "Interior volume calculation is pi * radius * radius * high, i.e. 3.14 * 92.5 * 92.5 * 115=308961.875 mm3, i.e. 0.003 m3, (thus volume) is no less."

At this time, Mr. Shen has generated another question: why the new rice cooker nominal volume, the volume can not be placed above ingredients tick also figured in, "but this is not considered a building area to buy a house, do not know in line with national standards? "

Rice cookers rated capacity, what is the capacity to reach the highest scale line, or the entire bladder capacity it?

Reporters call Olayks brands owned company – the official customer service hotline Zhongshan City Electric Co., Ltd. Olichem inquiry, the person said, the rice cooker brand of rated capacity, refers to the entire interior of capacity, rated capacity of 3 liters mark, that is, the volume of the entire inner pot 3 liters, not to tick up to 3 liters.

Reporter Youxiang the United States, Supor and a number of Lynx store for consultation, but found even the same brand, customer service is also different opinions on this answer, there is that the ingredients into the highest tick volume occupied by the rice cooker is marked capacity, also called capacity should be marked for the interior of the total capacity.

So the reporters got a beauty of a rice cooker and rice cooker Supor, Mr. Shen was measured using the method found two rice cooker marked rated capacity is the capacity of the entire interior.

Purchasing Guide brand to ask the next reporter Youxiang Supor line, Supor Purchasing Guide, said the rice cooker nominal volume, the total volume of the liner should be, this is the appropriate standard of the industry.

Reporter was removed to find the relevant standards, March 1, 2011 implementation of the "People’s Republic of China light industry standards – rice cookers and similar appliances" (QB / T 4099-2010) clearly stipulates that the definition of nominal volume of the "factory the maximum amount of water the provisions of the cooking utensil container can accommodate the volume. "

The standard also specifies "actual volume deviation" cooking container, a predetermined volume of the cooking container is actually not less than 95% of the rated capacity.

The above standards are still "measured actual volume deviation" clearly the actual volume measurement method: "cooking container weighed mass M2; a cooking container placed horizontally inwardly into the flush water along the mouth of the container, weigh the container and the cooking water total mass m; calculated cooking receptacle according to the formula actual volume. "

Formula shows, the actual cooking vessel is a cooking vessel and the volume of the total mass of water quality subtracting the cooking vessel, divided by the density of water, but the difference by measuring the mass and calculating, clearly defined "cooking container placed horizontally inwardly to water flush with the mouth of the container along the "step may further proof, the actual volume of the cooking vessel specified in this standard actually is the total capacity of the tank, i.e., it contains more than the maximum volume of the tick.

Therefore, the new rice cookers Mr. Shen purchased, is actually in line with national industry standards.

So, why the same capacity marked on the rice cooker, marked 1.8 liters of imported rice cooker Toshiba marked than 3 liters Olayks much larger it?

"We are in accordance with national standards of production, in the case of other brands is not very clear, probably because foreign standards and our country is not the same." Olayks customer replied.

This is because different definition of ‘capacity’ of Japanese imports and domestic rice cooker rice cooker marked. "

A Panasonic rice cooker Purchasing Guide explained to reporters, usually the rated capacity of domestic rice cooker rice cooker is the total volume, while Japan produced rice cooker marked capacity is the maximum volume that can put uncooked rice .

Reporters look at Mr. Shen home Toshiba rice cooker the specification, display, 1.8L type rice cooker can boil up to 1-10 cups of rice, and the rice cooker with the measuring cup is the maximum capacity of 0.18 liters, so the Toshiba rice cooker "1.8L", does correspond to the maximum volume of raw rice can be cooked.

"In fact, even the Japanese brand rice cooker of the same model, different origin packing marked capacity will be different." Panasonic Purchasing Guide dug out with two models for the SR-HFT158 Panasonic rice cooker, but a domestic product , the other origin is Japan.

Reporters noted that although these two rice cooker is the same paragraph, but marked on the packaging capacity is different. Domestic production of rice cooker is labeled "4.0L", Japanese production is labeled "1.5L", but two rice cookers packaging are marked "suitable for 1-6 people."

In fact, in Japan rice cooker 1.5 liter referred to the amount of raw rice, the rice cooker corresponds to a capacity of 4 liters. "

Panasonic Purchasing Guide explained Mr. Shen home in import rice cooker Toshiba, mark 1.8 liters, in fact, correspond to the five liters of domestic rice cooker, rice cooker 3 liters of domestic correspondence rice cooker production in Japan is actually 1.0 Rise.

Simple and practical light high energy mechanic crewers 14 to play

For mechanics, the game is the main position. After walking into the lightweight camp last year, the mechanic launched a bunch of products, enough to prove that the field of light is really true.

The mechanic stepped into a lightweight brand, which is a wrapping. With the high quality supply chain resources of the mechanic, the mechanical crewers intend to create a high-quality, experienced new formal products, and the main needs of the productivity and intelligence office.

What about the latest creamers 14 of the mechanic? Is it incense?

01 high cost performance can also have a very high color value

At first glance 14, it will create such an illusion, that is, this is not like a 4,000-dollar notebook.

Crankers Light thin version of LOGO is very interesting, this shape looks like M, also a bit of shadow, but it seems that it is not very right, I don’t know much, I don’t dare to say, in short It is a sense of design. LOGO looks colorful. From our first picture and the second picture, it looks at different colors in different angles.

The wovenly 14 fuselage is a metal material, and it is still very good in the texture. The foot pad will be lifted by the body, combined with this curved fuselage D-plane design, and the visual view is very light. In fact, this is indeed a light notebook, the body weight is 1.4kg, thin to 17.9 mm.

From the D side, the wanderer 14 is also handled very concise and has a very simple texture, and the vents are not large, but the arrangement is very neat. The wind is equipped with most of the slightly lightweight places.

The interface is very rich, there are two USB3.2 Gen1, a USB2.0, lightning 4, HDMI, microSD card slots, rich interfaces are good news for productivity.

Good horses are equipped with the saddle, so high-value notebooks are just to use good accessories. The mechanics launched a series of vast flanges, including headphones, mouse, keyboard, gallium nitride multi-mouth charger, as well as the liner bag of computers, and their characteristics are very distinct: Good look. Obviously, this is a series of products designed to young friends.

Let’s take a closer look at some details of these products:

These high-quality gadgets believe that you can make you more clouds when using your notebook, comfortable.

02 lightweight use standard pressure?

Generally, this volume of notebook will not use the H35 platform processor, Intel Core i7-11390H standard pressure processor, is undoubtedly a surprise.

11390h This processor belongs to Tigerlake-H35Refresh, which is a small upgrade of the 11-generation standard pressure H35 platform. The biggest feature of this Refresh is whether I5 or I7 has adopted 96EU XE sharp core graphics card, and the performance is simply burst. It is equivalent to the first-generation entry level alone, which can meet more of some of the graphics processing needs, such as League of Legends.

Let’s take a little bit of performance test to see how this processor is placed on the woven objects 14.

The PCMark10 score is 5261, which is commonly used for 10002 points, 7093 productivity, and 5,570 points.

This CPU can reach about 30W in a single barbecue test, perhaps because it is too thin, the core temperature reaches 92 degrees, but the temperature from the keyboard area is still not a very outline, the insulation is good.

Graphics processors We also made a simple test as a reference. This score, playing the League of Legends is no problem, then we are worse than playing.

We set the LOL’s picture to the highest, and the whole process is about 120 frames, and the whole experience is still very smooth. At this time, the processor’s continuous performance release can reach full 40W.

In the game, it can reach more than 160 frames under single scenes, and the group war will be low, but it is basically higher than 100 frames.

The wrapping 14 uses a 512G Jianxing SSD, and the actual reading speed can probably reach 2000MB / s or more, enough to ensure daily use and office experience.

The memory is the 16G dual channel DDR4-3200, and the measured speed is also very good. And the two memory bars are not onboard, and if needed, they can be fully expanded.

There are so many excellent parameter configurations, as a lightly carrying a light, the performance of the battery is also a point. The wanderer 14 uses a 65WH large battery, after the PCMark10 endurance basis, under the brightness of 150 nit, the battery life will eventually get 9 hours and 14 minutes, and the day can be guaranteed.

However, the words come back, mention Intel, in fact, we should think of something, it is lightning 4, because in the Windows camp, there is basically only the Intel processor’s product to use the on-line 4 interface.

Thunder 4 interface has very powerful expansion performance, its bandwidth reaches 40Gbps, with 32Gbps to be used for data transmission, one top N mouth. Through this interface, you can connect two 4k60 Hz displays, external solid state drives, and even external one discrete graphics card.

Of course, this lightning 4 can also be used to charge, if you disappear the inconvenience of the self-container, buy a crank, gallium nitride charger, and you can also perform fast charge, which will be more aspect.

03 excellent service

Finally, we will talk about a little bit.

According to the "Mini Computer Product Repair Replacement Replacement Return Responsibility" document issued by the State Market Supervision and Administration, for notebook microcomputers, the merchant is required to carry out three-year three packs of computer whole machine, three-year-old services for major components for 2 years. The main components include: motherboard, CPU, memory, display, hard disk, keyboard, power adapter, etc.

Of course, the mechanic also follows the three guarantees of the Market Supervision State Administration, but in this way, the mechanic has a little small improvement: on-site service.

According to the mechanic’s after-sales warranty policy, if the user needs to provide the door-to-door service, you need to pay the corresponding transportation in accordance with the "Mechanist Computer Tour Service Charge" to the mechanic computer authorized service provider. But for the crewer 14 models, you should add two words in front of the door-to-door service: free.

On the one hand, this is the mechanics to reflect the cultural culture of the mechanic brand is very close to the user.

24-hour online support, 2413 county-level city seamless coverage, 5-10 minutes fast response, 2-4 hours of magnetic resolution. Such a service experience will definitely make any user satisfied.

04 summary

Mechanic Cranber 14 is such a machine, it has a delicate look, excellent performance performance, and better is to have excellent after-sales service, such a thin-energy product, is it not fragrant?

At present, the main price of mechanics 14 in Jingdong Mall is still very affordable, i5 version is as low as 4799 yuan, i7 version is as low as 5599 yuan, and friends who need you can go to buy.